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Benefits Of Under Ground Water Storage Tanks For Rainwater Harvesting

Ireland is a beautiful country known for its picturesque landscape and bountiful rainfall.

However, given the recent changing climatic conditions and uneven rainfall distribution, Ireland is experiencing water scarcity and dry spells in some regions. Storing water is crucial for ensuring a consistent supply. This acts as a buffer when there is high demand or scarcity. Rainwater harvesting is a reliable solution for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, sanitation, and irrigation.

People of Ireland are being encouraged to invest in rainwater harvesting systems. Several reasons dictate the type of water storage tank one chooses for residential or business premises. Every water storage system is unique and choosing the right one for your needs can be based on several factors. Here is a round-up of types of storage tanks and the benefits of underground storage systems. 

Types Of Storage Tanks

  1. Underground Water Storage Tanks 

    These tanks are discreetly placed underground. They are ideal for residential, industrial, and agricultural applications.  Renowned for their robust construction with thick walls, underground tanks from Rainwater Harvesting Systems Ireland, offer unparalleled durability for long-term reliability. Once installed, these function efficiently for water and corrosive liquid storage.

    2. Overhead Storage Tanks 

    Overhead water storage tanks which are often perched atop structures like rooftops or towers, play a vital role in Ireland’s regions with erratic water supply. Serving as a reliable water source for daily needs, these tanks are convenient owing to the gravity-driven flow. This ensures efficient distribution of water. Above-ground positioning facilitates maintenance and accessibility for regular inspections.

  1. Above-Ground Water Storage Tanks 

    These present versatile options for various Irish settings, spanning residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Their visible nature and convenient access make them ideal for monitoring purposes. The decision between underground, overhead, or above-ground tanks hinges on factors like space availability and purpose-specific needs.

Advantages Of Underground Water Storage Tanks

As the government continues to emphasise the benefits of rainwater harvesting for Irish homes, here are our top advantages of using underground water storage tanks as storage options. 

  1. Saves Space
    The foremost advantage is saving space. Usually, water storage tanks are huge and occupy a lot of space above ground. When they’re underground,  they are placed discreetly and you have much more room for other things on available land. Additionally, these tanks can be concealed underneath the lawn and water can be used with access pipes.
  2. Suited For Limited SpacesThese tanks can hold tens of thousands of litres of water. Underground spaces are usually underused. Thus below-ground water storage tanks help to maximise the space available in almost every setting. Driveways, carparks, gardens, etc. can be used to install underground water tanks in Ireland.

  3. Protects The TankIreland has hard weather.   When you have water storage tanks above ground they can be victims of bad weather and vandalism. Though the damage can be treated, it can threaten the purity of the water or liquid inside. An underground water tank faces no threats and liquids will stay at a more consistent and safe temperature. This ensures the longevity of tank life.

  4. Maintains Aesthetics 

    Lack of visual appeal always affects a tank installation decision. In the case of underground tanks, they are placed below the ground leaving you with a gorgeous view of your surroundings. This also saves it from bad weather, rust and stains.

Why Choose Conder Below-Ground Storage Tanks

The Conder range of general-use underground storage tanks is designed to store harvested rainwater, clean water, and corrosive liquids. Constructed with three layers of S5705 material infused with additional resins, these tanks offer enhanced performance, durability, and safe storage capabilities.

Once installed, they occupy no ground-level space, allowing for flexible garden design with options like lawn or paving laid over the top. Water ingress is facilitated through below-ground pipework, ensuring ease of access. Since these tanks are underground, there is no exposure to sunlight.  They keep stored water cool and dark, preventing algae growth. While installing underground systems may deter existing property owners due to cost and disruption, incorporating them into new constructions is cost-effective.

With us, you can select from our ready-to-use tanks or opt for bespoke solutions tailored to your specifications. Transform your space with seamless integration, enhanced durability, and sustainable water management. 

Contact us today to explore your options.

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