Most new buildings are fitted with rainwater harvesting

Save money; metered water bill will drop by a half.

Each of us uses 150 litres a day; reduce this to 75 litres.

Save a valuable resource: why flush drinking water down the toilet?

Beat the hosepipe bans and droughts; rainwater can be used outdoors
when mains water is limited.

Help make a sustainable economy.

How rainwater harvesting works

Rainwater from all the gutters is routed to an underground storage tank.

Leaves and dirt are removed by a self-cleaning filter.

The rainwater is stored underground where the cool inhibits bacterial action and prevents the water going yellow. Calmed inlet, floating pump intake, surface cleaning by siphon and rodent guard all contribute to providing crystal clear water.

A pump submerged in the storage tank provides water under pressure to your clothes washing machine, toilets and outdoor taps.

A choice of backup systems ensures automatic mains water flows if the rainwater runs out.

Multiple Benefits of RainWater Harvesting:

Saves a valuable resource.

Why use purified water pumped from miles away when rain falls on your own roof?

Saves on water bills if water meter fitted.

Protects the garden against droughts and hosepipe bans.

Increases the value of the home.

Gravity feed saves electricity and provides water in a power cut

A rain controller and smart header tank (with float sensors and computer control):

Supplies toilets and washing machine by gravity.

Reduces electricity use by the pump eightfold.

Reduces wear and tear of appliances.

Mains backup if rainwater runs out.

Ensures water supply during a power cut or pump failure.

Toilets, Washing Machine & Garden:

Principal uses of rainwater are . . .

Flushing toilets (35% of household use).

Washing clothes (softness of rain reduces detergent use) (up to 15% of household use).

Watering the garden (drought and hosepipe ban protection) (6% of household use).

Washing the car and other outdoor use.

Properly filtered and underground-stored rainwater remains crystal clear and fresh indefinitely.

As nature intended… that’s how a spring gives such clear water.

If bacterial action is inhibited (underground tank) then neither ultra-violet nor chemical treatment is necessary.