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5 Reasons Why Irish Homes Will Benefit From Rain Water Harvesting Systems

Despite Ireland’s abundant rainfall, averaging 1,225 millimetres per year according to Met Éireann, the country still faces challenges in water management. Despite the presence of ample lakes, rivers, estuaries, and coastal waters, relying solely on these sources for water needs can be inefficient and costly. Currently, significant resources are invested in transporting drinking water for domestic use, a cost that is expected to rise in the future.

Rainwater harvesting presents a sustainable solution to address these challenges. Ireland can reduce its reliance on external water sources, leading to environmental benefits and long-term water security by harnessing rainfall efficiently. Rainwater harvesting also allows for the reuse of water for various non-consumptive purposes. This further contributes to sustainable water conservation practices.

Here are our 5 top reasons why homeowners in Ireland should invest in rainwater harvesting as soon as possible.

1. Exhibiting Environmental Responsibility

Choosing rainwater harvesting is a powerful declaration of environmental responsibility. By doing this, the demand for water on main lines will be reduced. Thus homeowners can contribute to the conservation of natural resources and decrease energy consumption associated with water treatment and distribution.  By implementing a storage system, the landscapes of the home and neighbourhood can be nurtured optimally.  As of date, companies such as Rain Water Harvesting Systems, Ireland, offer several options for rainwater harvesting in homes.

2. Preparedness For The Future

There is no doubt that Ireland has abundant water resources.  It has plenty of surface water, a good reserve of groundwater, and high levels of rainfall every year.  Despite this, research shows that Ireland’s water requirements may exceed in the future leading to shortages. The drought of 2018 was a startling wake-up call for the locals. It asserted the need to harness this abundant natural resource for the future.  This method also relieves a good amount of pressure on local water supplies making homes self-reliant.  By collecting rainwater, all you homeowners can play an active role in ensuring a sustainable water supply and demonstrating environmental responsibility.

3. Flood Risk Reduction

By capturing rainwater from roofs and directing it into storage tanks for later use, homeowners can significantly reduce the volume of stormwater runoff from their properties. This reduction in runoff helps alleviate pressure on surface water drainage systems, ultimately lowering the risk of flooding downstream. As a homeowner, investing in rainwater harvesting not only protects your property from potential flood damage but also contributes to the overall resilience of your community against flooding events.

4. Effect Cost Savings

Ireland has always been contemplating charging taxes above the designated annual supply.  What if this were to become true?
In this scenario, a good rainwater harvesting system such as an overhead tank, an underground storage tank, or an outdoor tank can help you store the otherwise wasted rainwater.  By utilising rainwater for non-potable purposes such as gardening, toilet flushing, and general cleaning, households can reduce water bills substantially. This financial empowerment comes as an additional benefit, even in a region with ample water resources. For a closer look at your options, get in touch with us at Home Water Harvesting Systems.

5. Uncompromised Water Quality

Contrary to misconceptions, rainwater harvested from well-designed and properly maintained systems can provide excellent quality water. Rainwater in Ireland is generally considered safe and pure due to the country’s stringent environmental regulations. With the right kind of water harvesting methods, homeowners can ensure that the rainwater they collect meets their household needs. This also provides a reliable and sustainable water source for households.  Additionally, improved water quality contributes to healthier ecosystems in your local area, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and environmental quality of your neighbourhood.

While Ireland may have ample water resources, it is not immune to changing conditions and occasional water shortages. Residents can create a more resilient water supply system by incorporating rainwater harvesting into their homes. Rainwater can serve as a backup source during droughts or times of increased demand, ensuring that essential water needs are met even in challenging circumstances

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