Rain Director®

Rain Director® Rainwater Management System

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Rain Director® is the unique rainwater management system for control of rainwater around the home and garden. WRAS approval was accorded in December 2009, the first time a complete rain management system has been approved by WRAS. The Rain Director® rainwater management system includes a header tank, a pump and a programmable control valve unit that directs the flow of rainwater to washing machines, toilets, the garden and other uses. A header tank in the roof space is controlled by electronic level sensors. These sensors drive the valves through the programmable control panel. The result is a constant head or pressure of water to the toilet, washing machine or tap. The Rain Director® is specifically designed so that rainwater can be used safely and economically in the home. The system features:

  • Fail-safe valve controls with mains backup
  • Fail-safe header tank controls
  • Water quality is improved through cycling of header tank water
  • Saves energy and prolongs pump life
  • Assures water supply during a power cut
  • Automatic and user-controlled functions
  • No in-home pump noise

The Rain Director® ensures a constant head of clear rainwater for washing machines, toilets, the garden and other uses. A header tank in the roof space is controlled by electronic level sensors, valves and control panel. The advantages over normal rainwater pumping systems are:

  • Variable rainwater level in the smart header tank (all water is used before it’s refilled) eliminates pump cycling and reduces power consumption.
  • The header tank only refills once it’s completely empty (while normal rainwater systems make the pump start every time any amount of water is used) so wear on the pump and electricity usage are both reduced.
  • Provides a constant flow of rainwater under gravity at any time, including during power cuts.
  • Mains water backup is automated by level sensors not stop valve or ball cock.
  • Rain Director®’s dashboard indicates present mode and allows special modes to be selected.
  • Rain Director®’s auto-flush function detects when the occupant is away from home (for example, for holidays) and empties header tank to avoid rainwater there going stale (yellowish water and possible stained toilet bowl, to be avoided).

On first fitting, Rain Director®‘s set-up mode lets the control unit memorise the header tank size and flow rate of the mains and rain water inflow. This enables the time-out periods and operating water levels to be set.