Divertron Rainwater Pump 1100 Watt

Submersible pressure-sensitive pump. Ideal for rain storage tank (including Hercules), well or bore hole where no floating intake is required. Only 15cms diameter.

Highly recommended UK-Italian manufacturer DAB.

4 impellers, Built-in electronic pressure switch and flow sensor, Equipped with dry-run protection and built-in non return valve, High reliability, 48 metre maximum head, 95 litres per minute maximum flow.

Available with 3 impellers, Supplied with 15 mt power cord, Shipping Weight: 11 Kilos.

Locate at least 200mm above the bottom of the well or tank to avoid ingress of sludge or debris.

2 thoughts on “Divertron Rainwater Pump 1100 Watt

  1. Hi,
    Can you please give me a price for your submersible pumps and 4″ in line filters for rain water.
    Thanks, David

  2. I have a rainwater tank already installed at the back of my garage. This was already done last year and I would like to purchase a submersible pump. My house is 300m2 with 4 showers and 1 bathroom. Can I lower this pump into the tank and rest on the floor or does it need to be fixed

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